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In-House Training for Verifiable CPD

Team Training brought to the practice so all team members can benefit from training together. This allows minimal loss of clinical time, saving time and money and increasing morale and teamwork.

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The cost is

£870 for a full day

£570 for half day

£345 for lunch and learn/2 hours

(Plus travel if you are over 30 miles

away from Portsmouth)

Contact us to discuss an available date

Evenings and weekends available



Risk Assessment        here

COSHH Assessment here

PUWER Assessment here

Training evidence        here


Significant Event Reporting Form  here

Courses available:-

  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Radiation and Radiological Protection
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk
  • Child Protection level 2
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Complaints Handling
  • Clinical Examination and Record Keeping
  • Health and safety
  • CQC
  • Practice Management
  • Leadership and management


Oracle Practice Business Solutions will be delivering:-


Workshop feedback comments received:

  • The whole day has been constructive, interesting and relevant
  • I can’t wait for the next workshop
  • Very good as usual!
  • Great to have open discussion in a very relaxed atmosphere
  • Not stuffy, nice friendly atmosphere
  • Brilliant thank you



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Legal and Ethical Issues

Learning Outcomes:

To appreciate Legal and Ethical Issues on a day to day basis in dental practice

Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide up to date information on legal & ethical issues in relation to the GDC standards
  • State what legal & ethical issues are and discuss the consent, confidentiality and how to raise concerns
  • Look at the impact of the new regulations
  • Discuss some case studies


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Radiography and Radiological Protection

Learning Outcomes:

To appreciate radiation, its regulations and the ways in which the dental team can protect themselves and their patients

Aims & Objectives:

  • Look at the sources and types of radiation
  • Discuss the legal regulations associated with ionising radiation and how to comply
  • Have a look at practical protection for radiation
  • Discuss the importance of fault finding, quality assurance and audits


Download 'Press the button form'   here

Download 'Quality Assurance Form'  here

Download 'Unacceptable Radiographs'  here

Download 'Radiation Audit'   here

Download 'Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-Ray Equipment' here

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Disinfection & Decontamination and Infection Control

  • Learning Outcomes:

    Define disinfection and decontamination, be effective in our procedures and implement the HTM 0105

Aims & Objectives:

    • Comprehend the basic requirements for good decontamination practice
    • Discuss Essential Quality Requirements and Best Practice
    • Think about validation
    • Look at pre-sterilisation cleaning
    • Discuss the importance & types of hand hygiene
    • Look at the relevant parts of the Code of Practice
    • Apply the HSE's needle resheathing guidance

Download the new 2013 HTM 01-05  here

Download the 2015 Code of Practice here

Download a free Initial and Ongoing Training for Hand Hygiene here

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Legionella Competency Training

Learning Outcomes:

To discuss the laws and legislation around water safety and legionellosis in the dental environment

Aims and Objectives

To appreciate the facts surrounding legionella

To competently carry out COSHH & Risk Assessments

To protect staff and public with an effective written scheme

To be able to manage our waterlines safely

Complaints Handling

Learning Outcomes:

  • To be able to effectively deal with both NHS and private complaints as they arise and learn from the outcomes.

 Aims & Objectives:

  • Know the principles of managing complaints
  • Discuss the 8 stage process to deal with complaints
  • Look at ways of preventing complaints
  • Consider the Dental Complaints Service and its role
  • Link this with the CQC

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Safeguarding Adults at Risk & Child Protection

Learning Outcomes:

Help you safeguard the patients in your care, spot signs of abuse and know how to report and to whom

Aims & Objectives:

  • Information on what is abuse,
  • Signs and indicators of abuse,
  • What to do if you have concerns
  • Guidance on good practice.

Download the Action Plan here

Download Dental Care and Dementia here

Download the Mental Capacity 2005 Summary here

Download Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 here

Link to Child Protection and the Dental Team

Template Letter to Health Visitor here (from Child Protection & the Dental Team)

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Clinical Examination & Record Keeping

Learning Outcomes:

To know what information needs to be recorded for pts in order to have complete records

Aims & Objectives:

  • Know how info should be stored
  • Data Protection considerations
  • Appreciate what should be recorded for various histories
  • Be confident about effective note writing
  • Consider best practice & case studies

Download Risks, Benefits and Options sheet example here

Download information here on the clinical examination

Download key information here

Download 'Record Keeping, an eye for detail' here


Health and safety

Learning Outcomes

To appreciate and apply health and safety law as it applies to us in dentistry

Aims and Objectives

  • Be aware of the laws and main principles of heath and safety and demonstrate an understanding of the requirements
  • Be able to confidently carry out risk assessments including COSHH
  • Know the documentation needed in the Health and Safety File
  • Comply with HTM 0701 for Waste Regulations
  • Discuss L8 for Legionella
  • Look at the CQC 'Safe' Fundamental Standard

Needles Risk Assessments

Download Training ideas here

Download COSHH form here

Download PUWER form here

Download general risk assessment here

Download a blank risk assessment sheet here

Download a blank COSHH sheet here

Download the HSE 6 pack:

DSE here

Workplace Regs here

Management Regs here

PUWER here

PPE here

Manual Handling Regs here

Download the Fire Safety Guidance here

First Aid Appointed Persons Risk Assessment here


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